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I love a good book! I have been a voracious reader all my life. I go through phases on what genre I enjoy reading. Currently I am loving contemporary fiction. All though I do have a little secret, I actually listen to audio books more than what I read these days. It's great to be able to move through your day whilst listening to a good book. Having said I love contemporary fiction I also enjoy Historical fiction and am starting to listen to more thrillers and Crime fiction.

This week I listened to The Drovers Wife by Leah Purcell and read by Leah Purcell. As I started listening to the story the first thing that struck me was the narrators voice. I had that moment of, I know that voice? If any of you are fans of Wentworth you will know Leah Purcell as the character Rita Connors. So this is a women who has talent! She acts, writes and narrates. I have to say I was expecting great things at this point and she didn't disappoint me.

The Drovers Wife is the story of Molly Johnson, a tough women who lives in Australia's high country. Set in a time of Australia's history when times were hard. Where many didn't survive the rough life in the bush. Molly is strong pioneering women who lives alone in a shack with her brood of kids that she adores while her husband is away most of the time droving. This poignant story paints a picture of how hard is was for the women of this country in the early years. From no food to wearing rags Molly is a woman with backbone.


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